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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
Part personality...that can accelerate learning or virtually destroy it....just hard to judge in a forum and others have warned me to be more conservative.
I really like that, and makes a whole lot of sense to me. I learn at an incredibly fast rate, I may have given off the impression I am a bumpkin of some sort, but I am a professional. I work for Raytheon, currently I am a product team lead for Space and Airborne and have been for a few years, and prior to that I was a Quality Engineer for Raytheon Missile Systems. In my early career I was a manufacturing Engineer for another Defense Contractor. I was the first person to be certified to teach wire and harness assembly to IPC standards at Raytheon, and have been a certified instructor for Class 3 soldering and assembly by IPC and J-STD several times. Before that I served from 91-99 as an Avionics tech in the USMC, so to give the impression I am just a good mechanic is a little misleading, I am not a mechanic at all, it's just my hobby and passion.

I am used to being told I cant do this or that, and it has never stopped me yet. I am tough as nails and then some, mentally and physically, I have been run over, shot, stabbed, crashed in the dirt, and hit a deer head on at 70mph on a motorcycle and still get up and say give me more. I know that sounds crazy and embellished but its not. I got run over in a hit and run in 97 and almost lost my leg, but 15 surgeries and 5 years later I am back to normal but it ended my military career. Shot, yes but not that bad. I desert raced ATV's for 6 years while living in NM, something everyone said I could not do because of my leg, but I took 6th in state for the Amateur class, but did crash at high speeds and bruised ribs several times. And in 2014 I totaled my 93 Goldwing when I hit a deer on my way home from work, flipped and rolled down the pavement for about 60 yards, ruined my helmet, scrapped up my jacket and boots, tore my good jeans and broke some ribs and road rashed my left hand because my gloves were in the saddle bag. But got up and walked it off, thanks to knowing how to crash from all the desert racing!

I do realize I am not gonna just hop on the boat put a few thousand gallons of diesel in the tank and troll on off to Australia after my first year of boating, but I fully intend to make that trip when I am ready and the boat is worthy and capable, and the earliest that would be is 20 years from now when I retire. There is no way I could do that sooner unless I win the lottery, I only get 5 weeks of vacation time a year, 6 if I carry over the max from the year before. I am positive I can learn what I need in the next 20 years.
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