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Originally Posted by Bob R View Post
Not sure why we are talking about cranes - decent marinas in the area of interest for the OP use Travel Lifts which are capable of handling 25 tons. Much cheaper than renting a crane for sure! I had to rent a crane to step my mast (1,200 lbs) when headed from Lake Champlain to the Hudson - cost me 1200 bucks!
$1200?!?!? That's crazy.

I'm not sure how many boat yards are actually available in my immediate area, so I have to consider all options. I have a few phone calls to make on the subject but haven't gotten around to it - somehow work keeps getting in the way of the boat !

A fellow sailor at my current marina gets together a few other boats and they all pitch in to rent a crane to do their haul outs. Apparently this year each person paid $300 for this service, where as most years it was about $150.

I do know of a local marine service who uses a trailer to haulout and store larger boats but he's limited in lenght to about 40'. I'm not yet sure of the size of my next boat, it may well be over 40' - we'll have to see.

I'll have to essentially evaluate the hauling and storage options locally and if I have to go furher out, what the pros and cons are to that.
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