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RE: Boat selection opinions

Sloboat mentioned the Ocean Alexander 38 and your link shows a beautiful boat indeed. I don't know anything about the Ocean Alexander but from I was able to see from Yacht World it seems like a quality boat if price is any indicator.

RED mentioned the Monk 36 and I think Monk which designed Ocean Alexander are one and the same boats. In any event I like the 36 for it does meet more of my criteria by having a single diesel rather than the twin of the 38. However I don't think these are common boats and may be hard to find so I may have to bend the criteria scale a little if this boat is to be the one. I did notice the 38 has rather small twin diesels which probably would be within 15 to 20% of the fuel burn of the single, maybe even less. But the twin still would have twice the maintenance costs of the single which would include not just the engine but the transmission, props, shafts, cutlass bearings, etc.

Interesting the Monk 36 has a stern thruster. Can someone explain how this works. I know the obvious in that it probably makes it much easier to maneuver this single engine boat in tight quarters, but why a stern thruster instead of a bow thruster? Are there 2, one on the port and one on the starboard side? Is it electric and reliable?

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