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Originally Posted by Porgy View Post
Mayday, mayday, mayday,

I ran out of fuel because I didnít monitor my fuel tanks, fuel burn or range. Donít bother with the jug of fuel because I, like many others, do not know how to bleed the injection system.

Also, my filters are clogged and Iím gripped with analysis paralysis, peer pressure and confirmation bias over which fuel filter system is best. So Iím curled up in the fetal position on the salon sole. Roger over and out.
Or you did carefully calculate your fuel burn range to get to the cheap fuel dock in Anacortes and you did monitor your tanks but didnít realize that the senders are located at the back and will show several inches left when you start sucking air if you are on a half-step. Then knowing how to prime and bleed your engine in theory because you took the full-day Trawler U class but having a hard time putting it all together in real-time with your family and passing boaters looking on as you drift outside the mouth of the Swinomish channel within sight of a recent wreck. Not that I know anybody who has done thatÖ
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