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Originally Posted by Guilhem View Post
It does have teak decks. In good shape. A few missing plugs, that are supposed to be fixed soon. And yes I know it means water may have gone through, I do intend to check to the best of my ability, and also get the surveyor to check. Windows look good. Fuel tanks too. I'm both happy and wondering what I could be missing....
BTW, there is currently no heating on the boat. The currrent owner had ordered and was about to get a reversible AC installed. Plan is to proceed with such an install, so I'll get some heating (I don't care much for cold air). I have a chance to influence how this work is done, since it will take place in November before survey, transfer of ownership, etc. Recommendation as to what to do here?
If it has teak decks then they probably have had or have now leaks into the core. The question is how bad are they? If there are missing plugs that is an indicator of other problems with the teak decks. If you are going to strip the teak off and go with a painted deck then removing the, possibly, wet core isnít as big a deal. It will just be more work to cut the glass and lift it off. Then remove the wet core and replace. Then lay the glass decks back into a bed of thickened epoxy. Glass over the cuts and finish the deck. If you are going to paint with Awlgrip or similar you will need to finish the glass to an almost perfect surface. If you are going to paint with Kiwigrip then a lot of the glass finishing isnít needed since Kiwigrip will cover a lot of minor and maybe not so minor imperfections. Hope it works out for you!
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