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Trawlerfest in for 2018

I checked on Trawlerfest 2018 and see it is to be in the same place as last year... I'm not going.

Last year, the venue was held at a location where the docks were fixed, and tides made the boats inaccessible. I saw a couple of vendors with step ladders off the cockpit to let you get on and off their boats.

Parking was horrible where you had to either walk or get a shuttle van to get to and from your car. Where they said to park was marked as a tow away, member's only area... Totally not ready for prime time.
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We went to Annapolis/ Bay Bridge last Sep and it was very well organized, including parking, vendors and boats - easy access to all boats. Weather was a bit nasty, but can't blame them for that
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The show isn't a problem, just that location. Very few parking spots near the dock area.

And the fixed docks are worthless. They are designed for highest high tides which makes them at boat deck level (4-5 feet above the gunwale) of most boats. Perhaps vendors will bring ramps this year, if they are aware of the problem. I think I toured 3 boats tops at the show. I won't bother next year.

If it goes back to Riveria Beach, I'd be back. Far better marina, floating docks and lots of other stuff to do as well.
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I assume you're talking about the Fest in Stewart at the Hutchinson Island Marriott Beach Resort & Marina?

Doesn't look bad, but a ladder needed to get 5 foot down to get on a boat would be a pita, and impossible of a lot of folks. Is it that bad?

I was planning on anchoring out south of there as was recommended and dinghy in for the fest. Any issues with that?

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City: Melbourne, FL
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Yes; the Hutchinson Island Marriott Beach Resort & Marina.

The vendors from last year may have learned of the fixed docks vs tide obstacle and made ramps / ladders, etc. I remember some vendor had cobbled together a set of boards to mount a 5' ladder to a dock cleat but it looked a bit questionable.

While Riviera Beach is farther for me to drive, it was a better venue for the show, with nice floating docks. I'm sure others pointed the new location out last year hear on TF. I know I did. I had heard they were moving back but apparently not.
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Yes, that venue stinks. After climbing up and down a few boats I gave up and drove four hours back home. Yes, it was that bad. Wonít be going back. I canít believe they are going back to this place.
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I don't see any location listed on their website for the northwest "fest".

We have enjoyed the focus of their productions, and plan to attend again this year. I would certainly feel differently if the same problems existed on this side.

I am hoping they move back to Anacortes. It is harder to get to for us than Bremerton, but the greater number of boats to see makes it worth it. The parking, restaurants, and space utilization are better in Anacortes.
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We attended at Riviera beach i think 2(?) years ago and it had its own drawbacks. the surrounding area was kind of a ghetto with no decent restaurants, shopping, etc. and the marina itself was a muddy construction zone.
If you wanted to find a nice restaurant, you had to drive down to West Palm. Haven't been back but they were undergoing a massive renovation of the Riviera beach marina so hopefully it is now complete.
On the PNW; agree that very few marinas anywhere can compete with Anacortes. I guess they moved to Bremerton due to better proximity with SEATAC airport... The only issue we had with the last trawlerfest held in Anacortes was it was an unusually cold weekend and they had set up seminars in outside tents (yikes), we had to go shopping for heavier jackets, but i'm sure this could happen in Bremerton too....
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PNW ....
Everett would seem optimum to me.
They probably have lots of room.

North Western Washington State USA
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