Very cool youtube series-Onne van der Wal Cruising their 32 Grand Banks

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Aug 27, 2018
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1981 Fairchild Scout
First off, I really like youtube, as you can pick and choose what you want to watch. And if you get youtube Premium, which I think is about 100 bucks a year, you can watch with zero commercials and organize your chosen channels/creators etc. Anyway, I was reading the recent BoatU.S magazine and discovered Cooking the Goose by Jeff Hull (what a proper name for a writer of nautical things lol), and I immediately went to Youtube were I found Onne van der Wal's videos. These are wonderful! They have overcome some health issues, grabbed the brass ring again and voyaged from Newport to the Bahamas, all documented with short but entertaining videos and world class photography. Anyway, check it out, I think you will find it interesting. And I love the 32 Grand Banks, what I think is one of the best looking small trawlers. I thought of selling my Scout after just spending 50k on Varnish at Hinckley, and bringing one of these to our Lake Keowee. I actually even have found one of Lake Lanier in GA that has been on fresh water for over 30 years, and under cover. don't have to have a 70 footer to get out and go....This is also a story we are seeing play out amongst sailers as they make the transition from sailing to trawlers.

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And apparently he is an extraordinary sailer.

Thanks. This interests me to see a smaller Trawler head to the Bahamas. My 31 Tung Hwa Senator is essentially a GB32 copy.
Check this out, I just found their Facebook page. If you are into photography, this would be terrific. My wife did just purchase for Christmas a very heavy camera lol. Hhhhmmmm....



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Thanks. This interests me to see a smaller Trawler head to the Bahamas. My 31 Tung Hwa Senator is essentially a GB32 copy.
Did you see the finish on his exterior teak? Does he explain that in any of his videos? Can't really call it brightwork, but it sure looks nice. Enquiring minds want to know.
Passagemaker magazine did a cover story on their refit in the April 2022 issue.
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