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Tow line setup for a catamaran tender

I just bought a 44 ft Marine Trader. I want to pull my little 14ft Twin Vee catamaran skiff behind it. Mostly just inshore South FL & The Keys. 6-7 knots.

I know that a bridle is the typical setup for pulling a larger tender. But since it's a catamaran-- and thus would require a bridle on each end -- I'm wondering why not just run an independent towline for each side (port stern cleat to port sponson bow ring / strbd stern cleat to strbd sponson bow ring)?

Advantages I can think of:
-Unlimited range to pull tender as close as I want
-Lines can be used for other things
-Two independent lines to towed craft (unlikely, but theoretically a single line could snap and I not realize it)
-Possibly keep the towed craft centered better?

Potential Disadvantages:
-1 more line to get tangled
-Cost to buy a second line
-Would have to manually ensure same length on each side (simply mark the line in increments)

Any further thoughts on this? Good idea, bad idea?

Also, what kind/size/length of line would you recommend?

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Probably would work fine, especially at slower speeds. yes, 2 lines would be a bit more to watch, but no worse than a long bridle.

Try it under easy conditions and see how everything works.

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Would it flip if it was towed by only one?

We towed our 12' Livingston everywhere by a center eye between the hulls. No problems, it towed well at 7-8 kts. We'd clutch ahead on one engine as we approached a slip and pull it in to put it on the hip. Worked great even from Savannah to Rhode island in 6-8 footers at one point.
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Hulls that are easily driven like cats, can easily surf in a following sea.

Long tow lines are needed , until its time to dock , when short is better at avoiding your props.
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why not attach a bridle leg to each pontoon?
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