WOW!!! If I were single!

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Sounds like you have the wrong wife. (Personally, I've no desire to live aboard a boat.)
Looks like a motorsailor without a mast unless I missed something on a quick look....especially the interior.

Neither steering station is worth a hoot in my book...and for a coastal cruiser....thatsca big deal with many hours at the helm.
35' Displacement hull with a 5' draft and a 210 HP motor. Clearly not well thought out.

Wow you just sold your Commander & the money is burning a hole in your pocket!
Some things about it I like, some are a definite no way for me. The outside steering station sux. It is an interesting boat though. I'd be leary of the mechanical...the piece of rope securing the plumbing to the heat exchanger would be a red flag.
I just loved the interior layout and all the woodwork.

It can look nice, but... one of our boat neighbor couples with brightwork have to spend a couple weeks every couple years re-doing it. They're in one of the marina shed's as we speak, so they can work weather it rains or not... and it'll take both of 'em at least all of the two weeks they've planned...

And they don't even have teak decks...

Personally I wouldn't touch a wooden boat with a barge pole.
A wooden boat is worse than a bad marriage with a high maintenance wife.
You can get a divorce to get out of a bad marriage, but you can get rid of a high maintenance wooden boat.

Some people wouldn't live onboard permanently.
I've lived on board since 1985 after getting a divorce from a high maintenance wife and love it.
A modern strip planked or cold molded hull is not really a wooden boat per is a composite boat.

Doing it well is the trick.

Now if the hull is sound but the topsides is the traditional wood building method.... It's half a wooden boat in my mind.
I do like the unique interior layout. But goddamn, that boat needs new upholstery and wall coverings ASAP! Living aboard that you may become Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs! Creepy....
Too sailboat like, most liveaboards agree no matter the woodwork, living on a submarine just isn't the best option.
The layout kinda reminds me of a Linssen Grand Sturdy. There are some... interesting... fabric choices in there, lol.
As others have noted, neither helm station is worth a dam. The inside helm is pretty much worthless since the visibility is minimal at best. Similarly the outside helm as the extreme stern of the boat has very limited visibility and would be very uncomfortable for any time longer than a few minutes. The round chine hull will roll in beam seas. The hull may be cold molded and glassed, but the deck looks traditional. That equals leaks and rot. Finally the boat is NOT a pilot house design.
Weird restoration. some stuff is sanded, other stuff is already stained and varnished, some not touched yet.......all in the same space! Looks like a project by someone with ADD.
If they gave it to me I would name it ManCave and bury it up to waterline in my backyard. But I already have a backhoe. If I had to rent a backhoe it would be a deal-killer.

If you are hard core sun-worshipper you could hang out on the roof with a remote control to run the boat.

I'll get in one of those moods when I think outside the box and see if I can come up with some unconventional ideas.

I'm just filling space. Actually I like the boat and am impressed with the astute observations stated in this thread.
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The comforter matches the wall paper. It does have that going for it. At a minimum I would have shoved the loose deck caulking back into place before taking the picture.
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