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Bob Cofer

Aug 27, 2013
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Willard Vega 30
Just finishing up the rewire of the DC system on Puffin. Last piece of the puzzle is installing a Balmar MC-618. I am ready to make the switch to LiFePo4 batteries when the current AGM's reach the end of their service life.

The components are:

Victron Blue Smart Charger
Victron Smart Shunt Battery Monitor
Balmar 612-100-SV 100a Alternator
Balmar MC-618 Regulator
Blue Sea Systems SI-ACR
Bussman MRBF-100 on battery fuse
Blue Sea Systems 5191 Fuse Block Terminal
Blue Sea Systems 2126 MaxiBus Bus Bar
2/0 Marine Cable


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Nice setup Bob. I had never used a SmartShunt before I installed on Weebles. It's an incredibly useful piece of kit.

With the help of a very kind TF guru, I finally diagnosed a cabling issue that was affecting my Balmar configuration. Now that that's behind me, it's running great. You'll love the setup.

Very nice.

I wish you were rigging boats for Mainship in 2005. Would have saved me a lot of headaches.


My projects never end up that clean
I haven’t used the Victron smart shunt, so don’t know about it’s functionality. But I have used the balmar shunt with the Bluetooth adapter with my 618 regulator. Also have the balmar battery monitor (smart gauge or whatever they call it)
Anyway, using the app with the 618 really opens up the charging system for programming and monitoring. I’ve made program changes on the fly when I was fine tuning my settings, and can see exactly what the alternator is doing whenever I want.
If you install the 618 without this addition you’re really missing out.
Bmarler - thanks for the info, I was looking at adding that. Here are some more photos of the install. I left the stock alternator wiring in place to allow the use of that as a backup.


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I would put covers on the battery terminals.

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