Where to mount spring cleats

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Jul 3, 2016
Sandusky Bay
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Mariner 37
This subject was hashed several months ago over 4 pages of debate and I feel confident about their value on this model (Mariner 37/Helmsman 38). Another issue cropped up as I sized up the job of determining where to drill the holes. Mounting the new spring cleats further forward means better accessibility from aboard while standing outside the pilothouse doors, but it involves modifying the mounting strips in the day head that secure the shroud over the fuel filler hose. Further back means easier and perhaps more secure mounting, but worse accessibility from aboard.

Further forward is better in my estimation, and that means that the backing plate for the port spring cleat will be bisected by a wood strip that secures the port fuel filler hose shroud. Is it better to use two backing plates, or remove enough of the wood strip to allow a single backing plate that spans both cleat mounting feet?


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I cannot speak to Helmsman specifically but I added a "Spring Cleat" to Weebles many years ago when I was using her as a training platform. I placed the cleat halfway between the midship cleat and the bow cleat (guessing the existing cleat in your picture is midshi?). Placement works out well, at least on my boat. Placing the cleat further forward than you show would make it more accessible from your PH which would be great. Whether you have access from below is another matter - your caprail section is pretty narrow.

Check-out these 'stud cleats' from Buck Algonquin HERE. Single 1/2" SS stud for each support vs two mounting screws.

Attached pic is placement of cleats on Weebles. They work well for springing forward. I also find them useful instead of the bow cleats for tying-up in a slip sometimes.

Those are slick. Perhaps the location I am proposing would be better called Mid-Ship cleats.
I had a midship cleat in my Mainship 34 MY. I wished for a spring cleat like on Weebles. It's got that name for a reason :)

ETA: do you have midship cleats now? I'll go read the earlier thread.

Eta2: read it. Agree with post 38. I'd want to nail the cleat position to accomodate an aft forward spring. But understand your priorities may be different.
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