Two photo avitar?

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Oct 31, 2007
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Willard Nomad 30'
Doug, John and Members,

*** Do we really need the " deep end " ?. I think it is a place to go for venting but also a place for newbies to see. Seems simple .. is the positive bigger than the negative?
*** Beyond less trash what I would like to see is more complete personal profiles and TWO pictures in the avitar, one of the boat and one of the owner. If space is a problem the date could go to the right of the username and drop the # posts and the rank. That stuff is*or could be on the personal profile. It seems most members would like to know each other better. Effort could play a big part but infrastructure could play a big part too. If we knew each other better maybe there wouldn't be as much mud ( ect ) slinging.

Eric Henning
The avitar on this forum is probably the biggest I have seen in any forum. You could most likely merge 2 pics into 1 jpeg file and you would have your wish. In the end, we "rent" this software and the software does not provide for something like this.

As far as the OTDE, I will think about it and have been thinking about it.

Eric, thanks for your suggestions and your participation,

Here is my response to John's suggestion. It worked!


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Nice job Walt!!!!!
Or you could do it the old fashioned way and take a picture of you ON your boat....

Wonderfull, but I don't know if we all can follow your very skillful lead. You've even got the boat going the correct direction and you looking inward .. excellent. And thats the lost pic of you I was talking about recently.
Yea. A close up of the person would'nt be much of pic of the boat and a pic of the whole boat wouldn't be much of a .. who is that guy .. or is he a he?

Eric Henning
Willy, this is kinda what I was talking about.....except this is a picture of my wife on the back of Doug's boat!!!!

Gettin' back to the basics here on the Trawlerforum!!!!


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Sorry Willy, didn't mean to make light of your post. BUt we really can't modify the software. Y'all have fun now and behave!!!
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