Marine Trader 40 Sundeck swim platform refurbish project

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Jan 15, 2022
Hello all. I’ve done lots of searching and have come here for logical advice. I recently picked up this old teak swim platform that was in need of a refurb. I have several questions that I will try to lay out in one post.

1) it seems like some of the strips are coming apart and “spacing” themselves from when originally made (blue circle). Someone in the past has tried to add screws to keep this from happening. How is best to correct this? I have considered clamping, then removing screws, then using an epoxy to glue them back together. Is that correct?

2) (green) you can see where the bronze brackets mount to the platform. They are nestled against and between 2.5”x12” strips that are seemingly used to keep the strips of the platform in place while under load or stress. It seems to me that an improvement would be made by creating a large (red) “backing” to secure to the platform, and then thru-bolting the brackets to the backing. My thought it that it would inscrease strength dramatically. The backing material is still in question. Starboard, IPE, teak, mahogany, walnut? Not sure if it makes sense or is even required.

3) 1/2” stainless threaded rods are installed in 2 of the center supports (Purple). They seem to run the length of the platform front to back. They are bent. I think that in the past there was 4 total. One on each side and two center. Again, center are still present but the ones on each side are no longer there. How can I straighten what’s there, or remove and replace with new? Does it make sense to find a way to replace the outside ones? Getting the old rod out seems impossible but I think I have room to install in a slightly different spot and install heli coils, and then add rods.

Any help, advice, and wisdom is appreciated! If you know of a better source for me to seek such wisdom, please let me know. Happy to make a phone call to whoever


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