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Oct 7, 2007
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Timber southern cray boat
I have fitted a set of arms to my boat and run a set of flopper stoppers that I use strictly for roll dampening whilst at anchor. The flopper stoppers are in reality a pair of large sea drogues with an adjustable bottom hole to regulate the water flow.

A friend of mine with a similar boat runs a pair of birds (paravane) stabilisers and is looking at improving them as he has experienced a bit of a flying problem at times.
He has come up with these items that I think are fantastic as a cheaper version of the active stabiliser but are passaive and work whilst at anchor or lying at rest.
The Angel Wings (Dolphin Slayers) are a foile shaped wing that folds up beside the hull and is extended out on a shorter version of the paravane arm.
Because of the more balanced forces they do not require quite the same built tough construction.
The wings are fairly large but fold up beside the hull quite neatly.

These units are very popular down south in tasmania on a lot of long liners etc.

Have any of you guys seen these before and if so have any ideas on them
Estimated cost of manufacture and fitment approx $5000.00* (Aus) a lot cheaper than about 40 k for a set of actives.

I have attached a few photos some of an existing install on the Jedgarra a tuna long liner and the others of an on going installation this same boat builder is originally a timber boat builder and will fit them to a traditional plank boat.



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looks like the same concept as bat wings, that are popular here in BC. with bat wings, the whole thing is under the boat. the only part that shows above the waterline is the upper part of the side supports that are fastened to the widest part of the hull. there is no hassle of deployment, as they are always deployed. They work.
Yeah you are probably right.
The critical aspect is the angle at which they are deployed and I think it is 22 deg.
I will get some photos of another set that are similar to the Jedgarras but on a very nice motor sailor that is tied up down on the commercial wharves.
The ones being fabricated in the photos appear to be attached above the waterline and look a little untidy and also narrower that the others.

A bit of a problem being deployed all the time as they stick out about 9 feet either side.

Mooloolaba , Queensland, Australia
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