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Scraping Paint
Oct 23, 2007
Dunno if this should be here or in the Technical issues section, but is there a spellcheck feature on this forum? If there is, I've managed to not find it. On both of the Grand Banks owners forums there are spell checkers. One GB forum has an automatic checker that highlights errors as you type and the other forum has a spell-check button.

It's not a big deal and I don't mind reading (and making) spelling errors--- I'm just curioius if there's a spellcheck feature here that I've missed.
Forget my last post. I see that when I use Firefox there is an as-I-type spell checker-- the red line under the word. This function does not work with Safari, another of Safari's little quirks.
Here is how I do it.* When I feel like it....

Enter all text in Reply or Post box.
Click on Google toolbar spellcheck.

The spell check on my safari works fine. Check with support you may have a problem. But maybe I think its working I am one of those DEE DEM DUMB DOOS GUY FROM THE BRONX. Be well Pea Pod
I gave up on Safari a long time ago. With Mac's OX-10 it doesn't do a lot of things you'd think it would. For example it formats this forum differently and won't allow the attachment of photos to a post even though it displays the photo posting function. Firefox, on the other hand, does everything it's supposed to do and I've never had a problem with it (the same holds true with all my co-workers who use newer Macs). The problem that prompted my first post in this thread was I accidentally opened the forum with Safari.
Interestingly, the spellchecker function that works so great with Firefox does not appear with Windows Explorer, which is what I'm using (on a Dell) to send this message.

There are many plug-ins that will spell check in Internet Explorer 7.* I use Google's tool bar to check mine.

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