Renewing Samson Posts on a Colvic Seaworker 20.

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Big Monkey

Apr 10, 2013
Hiya everybody, Im very new here, only been registered 5 minutes.
Im hoping for some advice please.
At the moment Im seriously considering buying an older Colvic Seaworker 20.
The guy that is selling it has been honest enough to tell me that it needs some of the soft timbers under the floor replaced as well as both Samson Posts at the rear.
I have an idea that it will be a fairly big job....but how big?, The boat is selling for a good price, but I dont want to be emptying my entire bank account into the boat.:blush:
Has anyone had any experience with this sort of thing?.
Also, it has a Merc Deisel inboard with a Borg Warner Velvet drive 1.9:1 ratio gearbox, will this push the boat along at 8 knots easily enough?.
The decision will be....Buy....Or not Buy!.:facepalm:
Hello and welcome to the forum Big Monkey.

Sounds like you may need a survey before venturing any further.

I'm not overly familiar with a Colvic Seaworker 20, came across one or two when living in the UK, at least I think they were Colvic's. If you think the price doesn't justify a survey fee, have a chat with a local shipwright and get him to give you the once over, just ask him to quote on the rectification work, that will give you an idea without the cost of a survey.

When you say good price I assume you are talking less than eight/nine thousand pounds.
Colvic Samson posts

Thank you for the reply,
I had to laugh when you thought the price was £8 /£9k, haha, we dont do those prices on the River Clyde in Scotland. The guys wants £1950....I was thinking more of £1400,
Its been on sale for over 4 months. I dont suppose the cost of materials will be too much, Im more concerned that It will be a massive job that will go on and on.
Its one of those jobs that will only be done once, so maybe fibreglassing everything in place for strength would be the way to go, hhmmm.
Like I say, Buy or not buy!.
Big Monkey, any chance of posting a pic or two, or a link to some pics, as I am having trouble visualising this vessel, and why it has two stern Sampson posts.
Our sort of boats only have one at the bow to take the strain of an anchor or anchor strop pulling any lesser cleat out of the firmament. Mine looks like this, for what it's worth...
ah the females should not distract you from the magnificent Sampson post. I love the anchor set-up on my boat. Folk have described it as built like a brick outhouse - in Oz-speak that means STRONG....for anchoring, strong is good...


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Big Monkey

"I had to laugh when you thought the price was £8 /£9k, haha, we dont do those prices on the River Clyde in Scotland. The guys wants £1950....I was thinking more of £1400,"

Maybe it's not the boat I had in mind, as Peter said how about some pics. The boat I though you talking about is a fairly substantial fishing boat. Front cabin with large flat aft deck, high sides.
Like This?
Colvic make some nice boats. I really like their motor sailers.


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Samson Posts

Hi everyone,
Yes, thats what it looks like, you can see at the rear corners where the ropes are tied on.
Im going to see the boat tomorrow and will have a much better idea about whether it is worth taking on.
Possibly, I cant go wrong at that price, but who knows?
I will try to post some photos of the damaged area tomorrow,
Cool looking boat. There is a 1930ish example of a similar looking vessel at my berth only it has a trunk cabin design. Good luck in your quest, I love smaller cruisers with character.
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