Removing pilot house doors

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Jul 3, 2016
Sandusky Bay
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Mariner 37
The port side door on my pilot house is jammed by something on the lower bearing surface and I do not see a way to clear that jam without removing the door. If the screws holding the top "roller hangers" in place are removed, can the door be removed without removing one or both of the strips covering the top and bottom roller tracks?


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If you can get to both the hanger screws it might come out but I think you may also have to remove at least the top strip to allow the door to tilt out. Do you know how the bottom slides are configured? Will the door come up and out if you get the top loose? There may be some kind of a roller that locks the bottom in, but usually there isn’t.
There is enough play in the bottom track that I think gravity is all that's going on there. Whatever is jamming the port side door may be a rock or something, or it may be a deteriorating roller wheel. It needs to come apart to both see and fix it.
If it isn’t secured on the bottom, I would pull the hanger screws and see what happens. But I would also be prepared to pull the top cover in order to tilt the door outwards. Good luck.
It's yet another of my winter projects. I'll report back when I have the answer. Thanks folks.
...looks like a double hangar roller in the photo. The track might have to come out if that's the case. Our OA uses a "captured roller" arrangement on the back sliding door (the rollers and track are installed preassembled on the door frame. That said, if it is as I suspect, then that top trim strip would probably have to come off to allow the door to tilt outward at the top....then lift out of the lower depression. Hard to tell from the photos....
The bottom track is not captured and while it is hard to see, I suspect there is a simple roller with a pin rather like a slot car.

The top track does look captured. The car has a pair of wheels which roll in the port and starboard side of the "rail" with a bolt hanging the door from each car. Instead of removing the cars or wheels from the captured track, my plan is to remove the door from the hangers and allow it to separate from the two cars. Fingers are crossed.
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