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Dec 10, 2007
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M/V Mariah
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Gwynn's Island Trawler/ 62
I know I'm new here but I hope this may help others too...
When I "reply" to a post the window below that show past posts has posts from the beginning of the thread not the end, which would be so much more helpful. Another forum I'm on*seems to use this same platform so I think it must be selective in the software.
thanks for considering this
I haven't looked but there is also a whole list of things that you can personalize by accessing your settings. Maybe this is one of them???....because the way it works for me(although I don't think I made an active selection) is the way that you are describing.....last post and then in sequence from there.

-- Edited by Baker at 12:07, 2007-12-17
Yes, you can customize that and a lot of other things in your settings under "user details". I have mine set so that the newest are at the top.
Yea it worked... However I'm not sure which is worse,*having the regular posts begin at the last number and bottom of the page or not being able to refer to the last post that I'm replying to... Oh well, thanks anyway and I'll have to decide which is better.
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