Picked up the Marine Trader today

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Mar 27, 2013
Picked up the 32ft Marine Trader today. Had two experienced trawler owners with me and we had a great time. No hiccups, no issues, just smooth running. Made the 55 miles in about 8 hours and 45 minutes. Averaged over 6 knots per hour and about 2gph fuel burn. We were running like a herd of stampeding turtles. Looking forward to spending the day on it tomorrow and learning more about it and it's operation. Backing it up wasn't too bad, just some trial and error. Practice makes perfect or somewhere close!! oh well updates to follow.
Congrats on your new boat.. Long may your big jib draw!
Congrats on your new boat. Enjoy
Congrats on the new Trawler! Be carful there are lots of Crazies out on the water this weekend.
Please post pictures of your boat. What's the boat's name?
Congrats! We've had our GB32 for three months now and every day is a learning experience. And a lot of fun.
Great boat - congratulations!
These are great boats. We owned a Bestway 40 sun deck by Marine Trader a few years ago. A ver well build boat and thequality was exceptional. Marine Traders sometimes gets a bad wrap, not sure why. These must be people who never owned one. Have fun and enjoy
I will try to get a couple of pics. Haven't named the boat yet. We have a couple of names in mind. The boat has been state registered and not documented at this time. I believe it was documented many years ago and never renewed. Is it worth documenting the boat and how much trouble will it be if it was documented many years ago and not renewed? I found a board with a number on it, went to the CG site and did a search. It showed that it had been documneted but said the information was for historical data? Any ideas? Or suggestions?

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