Older Cheoy Lee LRC's

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Mar 19, 2009
I'm looking at the purchase of a Cheoy Lee built in 1979 that has a few window leaks. The window leaks don't pose any problem I can't solve, but what I am concerned about is how the boat was built. If like the earlier Marine Traders (pre 1980-1981) the Cheoy Lees were built with glass over wood unlike the later solid glass, the window leaks could have gotten into the inner wall and rotted the wood. That would be a project I don't think I would want to take on. Does anyone know if they were glassing over wood for the salon walls in pre 1980 CL's?
Hiya Shades,
** I don't think the Cheoy Lees used ply in the substructures in the house areas but the decks ARE some sort of wood core.* One way to check is to knock on the outer house walls and listen.* A ply core construction will sound "hard" and a FRP construction will sound somewhat "hollow".
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