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Jul 1, 2021
Hi I'm kloc. About to purchase a 1975 Gulfstar motor Trawler. Own a house on a canal in Padre Island north at Corpus Christi, TX. Plan on berthing it there. Have a 40' dock with a deck on top for a side berth. Sail sunfish and lasers. Never owned a motor sailer. Goal is to become familiar with this vessel and do the entire ICW and jump off and go to the Bahamas. Maybe a little ambitious.
Wondering how other people like their Gulfstar Trawlers and provide some insight to their vessels.:confused:
Hello and welcome. I am located in Corpus Christi. I keep my boat downtown. It too is a motor sailer.
Welcome to TF. You're now in the right place if boating is in your blood. :flowers:
Welcome aboard and congrats on your new boat, hopefully. When you get it we will need some photos.
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