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Sep 4, 2020
United States
Vessel Name
Jim's Inspiration
Vessel Make
HerShine 42 Sundeck
Hello all -- I am excited to participate in this forum! Owning a Taiwanese trawler for the last year has been a real change to my boating experience -- good creature comforts and sturdy diesels but sloooower cruising -- it's all good! I'm a native of the greater Seattle area and do most of my cruising in British Columbia waters, until this year when COVID has kept us on this side of the US-Canada border. My boat is a 1987 HerShine 42 Sundeck. Love all the space, although the numerous ladders and steep steps are a chore. Not as young as I used to be! Well, that's it for my intro -- let me know if I omitted anything people typically include in their initial posts!


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Welcome aboard, Jean! It's quite a ride learning a new trawler, isn't it?

The only thing you left out were all the pics of your trawler.

I think you'll find the folks here welcoming and informative. Glad to have you on board.

Cheers from FlyWright!
Thanks Al! I modified my initial post to add a photo of my trawler -- if I've done that correctly, it should show up now -- IF being the operative word.
Jim’s Inspiration is a lovely boat with a very nice interior layout! Plus, the crew are great at helping their fellow boaters at catching a buoy in a current-filled bay....

Seriously though, aside from the ladders, a fine boat!
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Nice boat. Welcome to Trawler Forum.
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