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May 18, 2013
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Our Heaven
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1997 4800 Navigator
Good morning,
What a great resource and good bunch of folks. My wife and I are moving to Bellingham in a few weeks and have started the process of searching for a trawler. We have had several smaller boats (C-dorys) but the wife's request was that the next one needs to have a shower and with my son growing something a bit larger would be nice. We so enjoy the islands around the puget sound we are looking at vacations, long nights, and great weekends around the sound. Maybe even the inner coastal next year if we find the right boat and shake her down. Just wanted to say hello and good morning.
G'day! Enjoy Bellingham and your search for a new boat. For us it's always fun to enjoy the new boat purchase process vicariously. Keep us posted on what you find.
Hi I'm new to the trawler scene too, but having recently purchased "Irandar" off of Irving Dunn(it must have hurt!) I'm living the dream!!!Tons of questions, one of the first is ...Caulking for seams between molding and trim. (exterior) Can anyone mention or comment on whats good ,bad or otherwise? I'm on mid Vancouver island. Need to start painting etc. One other question I have is ,... Varnish over tung oil(or Danish oil) Someone once told me about a turpentine and linseed oil mix for wood? any comments?Happy boating!!
Just wanted to say hello and good morning.
Good afternoon bshillam, welcome to the forum. I joined a while back to get information and learn about big boat life. I am currently rebuilding my lugger from a fire that happened about 4 years ago. I like you can't wait to get out in the water. Hopefully this summer we will be making some trips. Good luck and keep us posted on what you choose. Paul
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