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Feb 7, 2010
Hello, we just dicovered this website and thought we would join.* My wife and I have lived part time (50%) aboard two new Nordhavn 40's in San Diego, CA for the past five years.* We enjoy the life style and look forward to extensive cruising when I retire in about 8 years.* We have learned a lot over the past ten years of researching just about every trawler available in the US and commissioning two new boats.* We enjoy sharing our experiences and mistakes with*others (yes there has been more than I like*to admit).* We recently wrote a small book entitled "Life is a journey why not live it aboard a trawler" for fun*and to*make available true cost comparisons between living on*land and on the water.* We could not find any accurate cost information when we started out and hope this will help others considering the trawler lifestyle. We have also written a few articles for various magazines.* If we can be of assistance to anyone by answering questions please feel free to contact us.* We are currently starting the process for our third trawler and would be happy to share this experience with anyone possbily looking for*a serious offshore trawler.**

John & Maria
Maria Elena
Welcome you have owned 2 N40s??? If so why did you get rid of one and then get another?
I'd like to know that also, and as well, what is the next one going to be, and why?
I have a dream about a Nordy 47.... but I'd need to win Lotto first - that's the only snag.... they're not cheap

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Our first N40 was the result of many years of research and wanting the safest highest quality trawler I could find.* Problem was the price so we custom built a 40 that while nicely outfitted was had to skip on a few items.* A year into cruising my wife decided 6knotts was not her speed and we put the bost up for sale and started the search all over again.* We didnt expect to get a full offer in 2 weeks and we sold her.* After relooking at everything out there and test riding some semi-displacement hulls she realized the benefits of full displacement hull comfort and live aboard*accomodations so we went back Nordhavn.**The 47 was out of reach and we*do not like the 43*for a number of reasons so we ended up buying a fully loaded 40 that had just completed construction.* It is*only second all white 40 ever built and is beautiful.* Life has been good aboard.* While*she is up for sale we know we will be buying another Nordhavn but this time larger.* Still not sure which size as we need to evaluate cost and benefits.***
Next door fellow got a N 64 for about $600K ,in good shape , the price on these is sinking with the deflation.
I highly doubt a 64 sold for anything*less than a couple million since it is a new model that just came out two years ago.* Double check the model and year.* We have a 2007 N40 for sale and we expect to get close to $600K.* We sold out 2005 N40 for over $500K.* They have turned out to be much better performers than the real estate and financial markets over the past few years.*
N 64 for about $600K

OK its a 62 , both huge tubs to me .

I have no idea what he needs 3 extra staterooms/crew quarters for but it is a nice boat.

With a better (for my tastes) it would make a nice boat , tho for the East coast a real pain as its tall.

If the price drops another $500K one might be worth fixing up.
good luck on the third trawler!!
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