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May 18, 2019
Vessel Name
Vessel Make
1984 Kadey Krogen Manatee
Hello everyone. My husband Nick and I are the happy new owners of a 1984 Kadey Krogen Manatee, hull #3, formerly Lionheart of Punta Gorda, now renamed Willin’.

We are new to boating (be kind to us!) and are very excited to own this classic little trawler. We plan to live aboard in the winter, at least for now, and eventually venture out for some fun “at home on any sea.”

Much to learn, much to do to spiff her up.

I’ve been following this forum for quite some time, and now I’m making my debut. I hope not to drive everyone nuts with dumb questions, but no promises because at this stage, I don’t even know what qualifies as a dumb question.



(Aaaaaand I think I already screwed up my very first post by posting it in the wrong place the first time. Lol)
Welcome Kate: Glad to see that you’re excited about owning the former great Lionheart. Augie was well known among the Krogen Cruisers Group for many years. Stay in touch about your plans and projects aboard Willin’!
Welcome aboard TF
If you don't post any pictures, it didn't happen! :D

Just kidding! ;)

Congrats on the new boat and welcome to the forum! :)

Oh it happened, Jim. It happened. :-D
And if I could figure out how to post a photo on this dang website, I’d do it! (How is this not easy?)
welcome Kate

Congrats on the Manatee. Posting a Pic is the ritual 1st challenge here.

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