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Mar 26, 2014
Lake worth, fla
Vessel Name
Reef Romper
Vessel Make
1986 Mako 21b
I own the tender for the trawler I dream to buy one of these day, its a 1986 Mako 21 with a 1986 yahama 200 for power. Right now I work and live in the Bahamas so the mako fits my need nicely. So I thinking for retirment I would mind cruseing the islands so I joined this form to lean and get advice.

Reef romper
Welcome Aboard! Nice to have another East Coat member.

RTF, you still need to find a "welcome" video.

Reef Romper, you'll understand my comment for RTF pretty soon I'm sure.
Mr. grw. Apologies for the aside.
Mr. HC. I was not aware I was supposed to look for a "welcome" video. I was either never told or it fell into the same category as the Admirals' "I told you about that last week" tasks. Given the short notice this was all I could come up with...

Welcome aboard! What part of the Bahamas do you work in? We love the Bahamas! :thumb:
RTF we discussed this on a previous thread. You would make my life so much easier if you would just show the Newbies your depravity right off. I wouldn't have to warn them every time.

Nice job with the baby! That'll work.

GRW, my standard warning for new members is watch out for RTF, he's smart, but a little nuts.

Don't mention anchors on this forum! You will just find out that your anchor is too small, it's the wrong kind and you don't have enough chain. We get a little passionate about anchors here.

The subject of guns brings two answers.

Your gun is too small, it's the wrong kind and you don't have enough ammunition.


You'll put your eye out! (How did my Mom get on this forum?)
Andros Island been here for ten years I also own a house in Lake Worth fla.
GRW, do you know Mrs. Matheson? I think she lives on Middle Bight.
For all you Krogen owners I envy you. I just paid my house off so now dreaming of owning a manatee some day. I have gone to many boat shows in south florida and have allways enjoyed stepping on to the Krogens and meeting the owners. Thanks

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