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Sep 27, 2017
Greetings. I've run across TF a few times and found it again while researching Endeavour Trawler Cats and figured it was time to join.

My longtime girlfriend and I having been looking at the 44 Trawler Cats since we were first introduced to one earlier this year. We do not currently own a boat. I grew up on the Hudson River and my Dad had a few boats when I was a kid. Then I spent a couple decades in the Navy but most of my sea time was on subs. Anyway, I have always been interested in trawlers and our plan is to do the Loop when we retire (hopefully sooner rather than later) and very possibly live on a boat before and after the Loop.

I'm very curious on the fuel burn of the Endeavour 44. The broker we know said the owners of one for sale reported "about 3 gallons per hour." That particular boat is equipped with the 315hp Yanmars. I wasn't smart enough to ask if that meant total or per motor. And everything I've found searching online is from folks with the 240hp motors.

Any and all advice/information is appreciated. I've learned a lot already reading the various threads.

All the best,
Hi Jim, that fuel burn would be combined. We haven't had ours long enough to confirm, but all I have been told is 3 - 4 gal an hour running 8 to 10 knots. As I mentioned when we messaged each other, we have the 240hp turbo Yanmars.

You will love how maneuverable they are!

Welcome Jim.

I believe that is about right or close to it for fuel burn. I believe that is what my friend gets running the same power plants on a 45 footer.


Thanks, Scott. I'm sure you are spot on. I've heard only good things about Endeavour.
Thank you, H. I figure most of the time I would be doing 7 knots to nowhere and wouldn't burn much.
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