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Nov 7, 2023
Greetings, just checking in as a new member, looking to gain some insight into cruising and researching what will be my first (pocket) trawler purchase. A bit of background... I grew up on Long Island where I played and worked on boats for the early part of my life, running harbor taxi's, delivery boats up and down the Long Island Sound, working in marina's, etc. Later in life (I'm 40 years old now) I've moved to New Hampshire and work again in a marina and boat dealership that services fresh water lakes throughout New England, but the salt water calls.... I'm looking to get back into some light cruising around New England, maybe a litter farther on occasion. I think a small trawler style boat that's economical and has good range will fit the bill. So, my research begins.
Welcome, sounds like you have the boat disease like the rest of us...
Welcome Aboard. Born, raised, and lived in Nashua for 50 years. Moved in 2020.
Welcome! I grew up boating on Winnipesaukee. My wife and I did a lot of trailer boat cruising from 2005 to 2018 and now we live and cruise out of Hampton Beach. For us, the best part of trailer cruising was the speed we could comfortably and efficiently maintain in a smaller boat between ports. It often allowed us to make the most of vacation time by compressing the often dull stretches between interesting ports and maximizing time spent in said ports. Places like Chesapeake Bay and the St Lawrence River were perfect for that.

Feel free to ping me for suggestions for trailer boat cruising around here, 'm happy to share.
Trailer sized boat makes a ton of sense though requires a good sized tow vehicle.

Rosborough 265 is a great little boat. There's an active owners forum on Groups.IO where boats are often first offered for sale. The Outboard version would be my first choice.
Another option is the Acadia 25. A downward style boat built in Florida, would be right at home in your waters. Smaller cabin and bigger cockpit

There are many others (Cape Dory being one) but those two always caught my eye.

Welcome and good luck on your search.

Welcome, and don't forget to factor in the effort and cost in winterizing/storage up there.
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