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Mar 4, 2021
Hi all,

Is Trawlee’s a word?
Most of you know an Arctic blast hit Texas a couple weeks ago. In East Texas, we set a record for coldest temp ever recorded (-5F) where I’m located.

Somewhere in the midst of wondering when the electricity would come back on and whether or not the pipes would burst, my wife and I started dreaming about sunnier locales! While an avid inland lake boater (hi performance bass boat) coastal cruising would be a new experience.

How do you get started to understand if life on a trawler is a dream retirement plan (3 to 5 years from now)? In Texas, I like the non crowded spaces, would always whether drive than fly (to see the country) and have always been drawn to water and boats.

Where do we start?
What do you like the most about a southern Trawler lifestyle?
What do you dislike the most?

Welcome aboard!
You came to the right place to start. Read through the threads for all its worth. Warning its addictive!:thumb:
Welcome from a fellow Texan. Where to start? It all depends on what you want. Tell us more about your boating objectives.
Welcome to TF.

My advice to new boaters is "buy your second boat first." By that I mean don't make the mistake many newbies make by buying the first boat that really fancies them. They do that, then after a year or so they decide their boat doesn't really suit their needs so they sell it and buy their second boat. The one they would have bought in the first place if they'd taken their time, done their walk aboards, going to boat shows and REALLY looking beyond the beauty of the boat.

When I bought my current boat I spent about 6-8 months walking docks, going to boat shows and searching Yachtworld before I found the right boat for us.
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