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Nov 3, 2013
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Easy Pace
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1971 Pacemaker
In 2016 I would like to single-hand the Great Loop and then become a live-aboarder. Between now and then I am seeking tips on what boat to buy for both scenarios, where to live cheaply, and how to single-hand.
Welcome! I haven't done the loop but if you do a search for Great loop small trawler you will find lots of information also in the liveaboard section of this forum.
Buy a boat to do the job , but not one specifically to livre aboard.

You may not like it.

A $2,500 Bayliner 28 ft or so will be fine IF you have the ability to do some work on what is going to be a minor fixer up er.

All you need is an operating engine, working Fresh water and a legal toilet holding tank. The Canadians are very hard on folks that poop in their drinking water.

A hand held GPS , dock lines and fenders and your almost all set.

When you finish the boat will be in far better shape and easy to sell to move up, or out.

Good Luck.

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