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Jan 17, 2016
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Island Gypsy 32
Thanks for adding us in.
We have had our IG 32 for about 6 years and have it at RMYC Newport, Sydney.
The boat seems to have been built and first sent to Florida and used as a fishing charter at some point. Brought into Australia by the previous owner who did some clean up work.
When we purchased it was 'Mr Sea II' - did not like having a male name so we renamed to Monesk which was our previous boat (made up from our names), carried out the appropriate ceremony and gave Neptune some 'bubbly' as well! :)
Boat has been previously painted (badly) so working on that and of course the never ending cycle of varnishing the bright work.
Looking to connect with other IG owners for advice and ideas.
Welcome to the forum!

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