Matching old transducer with new depth sounder

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Oct 5, 2007
Vessel Name
Anastasia III
Vessel Make
Krogen 42
OK, the last piece of Raymarine crap I'll ever buy has crapped out again... my fly bridge depth sounder. I need a new one but would like to use the old transducer. I know Airmar makes most of them, but how would I go about finding out what new units the old transducer would work with?
Go to and follow the bouncing ball. Their transducer lists will take you to the page where it lists which model/brand which used the transducer. You won't get a list of all the models that work with that transducer, that would be too easy. Instead look at a few models of sounders you like and then see if they use the unit you have installed.

Don't forget to also note the type of cable end you have and make it match too.

Ken Buck
Do you have a raymarine autopilot?
If you do has it ever gave you trouble?
No, but the two raymarine products I have (depth sounder and radar) both failed within a year or two... I'll never buy any thing from that company again. I saw 3 raymarine open array radar units replaced on my pier ALONE because of a design defect that allowed them to fill up with water. What crap!
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