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Aug 2, 2015
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Mainship 390
Hi, all you lucky boaters.
Last weekend i floated (for the first time) my 2001 Mainship 390.
quite a step up from a PWC
I did OK, docking the single inboard full keel boat but it was rather intimidating and i realized i have much to learn.
she is a beautiful boat and we enjoyed our first night at anchor, rafting with friends. Looking forward to a summer on the water.
Cheers to all


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Congratulations, and welcome to the Forum. I see you are in Mt. Albert ... where do you keep the boat?
Thanks David,
we keep the boat at South Bay Cove, north of Port Severn in Georgian Bay
Well you are in great cruising waters in Georgian Bay. If you ever bring her down to Lake Ontario, stop in Whitby and say hello. Cheers.
Thanks David,
we keep the boat at South Bay Cove, north of Port Severn in Georgian Bay

You are in some beautiful cruising area!!

south bay is our favorite marina We've ever stayed at.... is it still owned by the boater / owner Toronto meat purveyor??

Happy cruising
She looks great! Lots of good cruising ahead of you!
Thanks Steve,
The marina changed owners last year. I just joined and took the slip over from the previous owner of the boat.
I stayed there as a transient many years ago and have lots of friends in the marina.
We like it there, it's the gateway to paradise
Congratulations on your new vessel, and welcome to the forum!
Nice part of the world to have a boat. I came down the small boat passage from the North Channel this week and loved it. Now anchored out at Beckwith Island and have the whole anchorage to myself. It's beautiful, anchored in about six feet, nice sandy bottom. Have fun with your new boat.
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