Lift muffler 'dust'

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Jan 15, 2020
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1990 GB 42 Classic
I noticed some 'dust' - sort of looks like shaved fiberglass, around our port lift muffler. I can't find anywhere it might have come from.. Any ideas?
Not sure I really even know what the lift muffler is made of and how it functions..


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Don’t know what that is. I would clean it up and see if you get anymore.
Do you have any heat shield/insulated wrap on the exhaust? Something that looks like that can come off the insulation with age and vibration.
If there aren't isolation mounts between the lift muffler and the board it's mounted to, I would pull the bolt holding the lift muffler in place and see if vibration is enlarging the hole or what the board is mounted to.

From your picture that looks like a Vernay/Centek muffler. It's made of regular fiberglass with a high temp vinylester resin. The black is paint. Under normal operation you should be able to place your hand on the body of the unit and leave it there. The lifespan of these units is variable, but for typical recreational use several decades unless they are run dry.
The "dust" does not look likely to have come from your muffler. When these units fail its typically from being run dry, and pinholes will appear in various places and leak hot water which will dry and leave caked salt trail or buildup.
If the hose or clamps are beginning to fail that "might" be rust colored salt, which is often found between the hose and the fiberglass inlet of the muffler.



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Looks like dust from overhead acoustic tiles. Look up.


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