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Jul 6, 2019
I am currently living just out side of Denver, Colorado and my wife and I are starting to set ourselves up for retirement. Looks like we will be moving back to Florida. (We are both from Pensacola, Florida). We sold our last boat in 1989 and looking at getting back to saltwater life. We are currently trying to figure the easy questions like ‘what now?’ ‘How much?..’ etc. looks like a great forum. Thanks
Sire, welcome to TF. I can't help you much with selecting the right trawler because I don't own one. These nice guys on TF let me hang out and pilfer their vast knowledge, so here I am. Join in the fun and fire away with your questions.

Lots of knowledge and good advice on here.
Welcome aboard. There is a boat search 101 thread somewhere on the site. Try searching for it.
:hello::flowers: Welcome. It's all here. A few quick searches will probably spark a lot more questions.
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