In search of Spray, the original GB

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Brian K Lind

May 2, 2017
Hello all, new to the forums as a poster (previously a reader/stalker). I'm a writer and am looking for information on Ken Smith's Spray. Last I heard it was in a barn in Maine undergoing a refit but I had heard the owner had passed away. That was several years ago. I'm hoping she isn't still sitting in that barn neglected. Does anyone have any info/ideas/thoughts on where she might be? I'm interested in tracking her down.

Hello all, new submitter to the forums, long time reader/stalker. I'm looking to locate the original Ken Smith Spray, if she is still around. I'm a writer looking to do an article on her current whereabouts.

Last I knew she was in Maine in a barn undergoing restoration, but that was several years ago. I had also heard that the owner had passed away. Has anyone heard about her location since then?

I'm hoping you all might be able to help me locate her, hopefully she isn't lost in a barn in the Maine woods being neglected. Even if she is, I'd love to know about it.


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Interesting, We owned a Smith designed fore runner of "Spray" if "Spray' was built in 62. Our boat which I had thought was a later build [1960] in Seattle, Washington at the Munson Boat Works (East Fairview area near the floating home area] There are photos of our boat at this forum post: post # 7. Our boat is 28 foot long. more the hull of the 32' GB. According to history there were five boats built from the plans, this one in Seattle, the other four on the East Coast locations unk.
After 14 years of ownership and sale, "Tenacious" is currently in very very poor condition as a result of ownership of dubious care and love of wood boats. The heart was there on the buy, but the desire and ability failed that owner and the subsequence two different owners. Sad, very sad.

This is all I've got on Spray.
Got it from Marin last week.


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Just jok'in Al.
Bob Coffer probably see's him in the harbor at Bellingham though. And there are a few others. Marin didn't disappear.
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