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Mar 22, 2015
High Wycombe - England
Vessel Name
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Beneteau Swift 34
My name is Kevin Fagan and I live in England

I have on order a Swift 34 which is due to be delivered in time for the Palma Boat Show - Mallorca - Spain on the 1st May

Is there any tips or suggestions anyone can give me regarding looking after the boat? Anything I should do after handover for instance?

The boat will be stored on-shore (mile up the road from the Marina) is there any tips on leaving her when not in use?

I hope I can share my experiences on ownership and look forward to future communications :)
Welcome Kevin. Might be best to get some pics of your boat, even sister boats would do, or a link to a broker website example, so we can get our heads around the requirements for on-land storage, transport to the water etc. A 34 foot boat, even of light construction, would be demanding to launch and retrieve whatever system you envisage. My boat is a Clipper 34 and weighs close on 9 tonne. (=9000 kg, x 2-2 = lbs for you US types)

NB. as you are so new, don't panic if you link does not initially appear. Newbies are limited in use of active links until after a certain number of posts, but it can be approved by one of us mods, then it will appear.

PS. To post photos, use the advanced setting for posting a reply, and then select choose file, browse to the photos on your computer, select and then upload. Once enough selected, select close that window, then submit.
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Welcome Kevin
Always exercise all systems even if on the hard. Don.t let her sit idle. Might have to do some plumbing to enable this. Keeps everything fresh and and ready. Of course, read and follow the manuals.
Hi Kevin,
Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new boat! Pictures please.

Some pics


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