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Dec 28, 2013
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Cape Star
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Roughwater 36
I'm here to investigate trawlers. We are Texas residents currently living in our RV in Anacortes, WA. I was born in WA, so this is like coming home for me. I have always loved being around the water and boats, though we have only owned a small fishing boat long ago while we were living in Illinois. I am currently considering taking some lessons, chartering for a little while, and eventually getting a small trawler to get started with.
Welcome Tim. The PNW is a great boating area. IMO you are heading in the right direction. Maybe you can get a charter that will involve lessons in piloting. That is a great way to start.
Thanks for the welcome. One of our friends is an instructor. I plan to take lessons first and then charter.
Welcome aboard! Happy hunting! :) :thumb:
Welcome aboard, come with us in our cruise from Ponce-Puerto Rico to Trinidad
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