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Aug 7, 2017
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Camano Troll 2003
Hi folks. As an exploration of living aboard solo in retirement, coming up in two years, I did my research and ended up acquiring a 2003 Camano Troll. Really felt a Nordic 32 would be better for singlehanding, but the Troll made more sense financially for the 'test'.

Yesterday was the first short training run since the purchase early in July. I had spent several weekends aboard learning the systems and doing the minor fixes resulting from the survey. The boat runs fine but I am already in midst of a head nightmare that I will post about separately. I had 12 years of RV ownership so not new to many of the systems.

Anyways, Glad to be on here. Will also be joining Camano forums shortly.
Welcome, I owned a 2002 Camano Troll from 2004-8 they are fine boats, very well made and easy for single handling especially with bow thruster which most have. I was a member of the East Coast, ECCO, Owners group they are very helpful.
Hello...... is the Troll the liveaboard or an exploratory boat?
Welcome aboard! I'm drawn to the Camano as well. It is about the same size as my Possum but has a lot more interior and flying bridge space. You should have no trouble Single handing it. It has a thruster doesn't it? If you back into a slip, you will need someone on the bow to put lines on the outer piles.
Camano as Potential Liveaboard and Docking

If I get comfortable handling the Camano alone then it has the potential for living aboard since couples somehow manage 6 month journeys on them. The single closet is big enough for warm weather. Winter clothes could be an issue but so is heading south in retirement.

The dock lines are rigged to be left behind in my slip. It is best for backing in to allow for easy forward escapes when I screw up. I rigged a line from the bow to midship to handle from the window by the lower controls. It can be tossed as a bow line or mid line.

I can also easily tie lines to the midship cleats from inside but it is awkward tying a line to the midship cleats from the side deck hanging on like a gorilla. :blush:
If you keep landside property, living aboard a troll is possible, with minimalistic expectations.

If you plan on long term or far reaching cruising, you may find it hard to fit all the fun things that you want to take cruising AND the consumables, parts, etc that you need to.

Single, yea....possible, using areas that another would occupy, but then guests would also have little or no room.
Welcome Milton.

That is great news. In time you will be a old pro so need to worry. Enjoy your vessel and remember this as I was told.

"Take care of your vessel and your vessel will take care of you!"

Best of luck.



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