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Oct 13, 2014
Memphis TN
I am Tim Hendrickson, I have recently bought a 1980 Mainship ll, w/165 Turbo Perkins and 6.5 kw genset. Boat will be called "The Dreamer".

Previously owned a 29 Topaz Sportfish, and a couple other smaller boats.

Got a LOT to learn and looking forward to it all.

She is currently Located on KY Lake.
Welcome aboard. "The Dreamer" sounds like a nice name. I like the way it sounds in Spanish. "El Soñador."
Welcome Tim
Enjoy the ride in TF

Best Wishes
Welcome aboard Tim! Looking forward to exploring your area next year.
Welcome TIM,where on ky. lake are you? several members here on the TN. river :thumb:
Congrats on your acquisition, Tim, and good luck with everything. You say you're on a KY lake "currently." Is The Dreamer dreaming of becoming a cruiser?
Welcome aboard from a Texas Mainship!
We've been planing a weekend trip to Pebble Isle but this 97 degree heat sucks:socool:
Welcome aboard Tim and crew
We own a 1980 mainship ll. Got her in 2011,great boat! We are retired and will start cruising this fall. Good Luck to you. john b
welcome aboard.....a lot of fall festivals over in the Cape May area if interested.

There are a couple of Jersey boys around if you make it up this way from Cape May to Sandy Hook.
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