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Jun 22, 2020
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1985 Albin 43 Trunk Trawler
I'm a long time boater and ready to start looking for the "retirement" boat. Just decommissioned my last boat due its old age/repair costs (1989 Carver Montego 2557) and am starting the research/education/search for something to explore the Chesapeake Bay and perhaps hit the ICW.
I've had both power and sailboats and think the trawler life will be my next phase of boating. Let the fun begin!

Hi Tom. I'm also in Southern Maryland at Tall Timbers marina. I believe there are a couple of trawlers here that are for sale by the owners - a Marine Trader Sundeck and a Californian. If you want to look at them I can get the owners contact info for you. Or if you just want to talk about trawlers let me know. I went through about 6 months of looking at trawlers before I settled on my Jefferson 42. I recently brought her up from Daytona Beach and learned a lot on that trip. Good luck on your search.
Small world! Still looking at the various trawler styles available and the differences between manufacturers. I'd greatly appreciate if you could PM the info on the FSBO boats at Tall Timbers.

Welcome, and good luck with your search. My boat is just across the bridge from you at Calvert Marina. I've been there 5 years and have been happy with the marina and the slip I'm in. Where you'll keep the bigger (?) boat is an important consideration, but there are many options near you.

Welcome aboard. Good luck with your search, have fun.
Welcome to the forum!

I'm in Crisfield for the summer and cruising the Bay.

I’m currently at West Basin Marina at Pax. I’ll either stay there or move to Calvert Marina (at least at this point)
Heck, I am in Solomons at Solomon's Yachting Center. Welcome.
Hi and Welcome, I am at Wicomico Yacht Club on Eastern Shore. Brand new Clubhouse , covered slips,Fantastic People, and Very Affordable. I stay aboard my Jefferson 46 with the Wife, 2 Dogs(German Shepherd and Dachshund), and a Cat. While my current home is in Florida, I can't get enough of the Chesapeake Bay and have plied it's waters since the mid 80s.
I'm thinking your little Carver was gas, that might be part of the high maintenance cost issue. Look for a diesel next time.

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