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Mar 25, 2021
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I have a seized mixer motor on one of my electro scan units. Took it apart and have some questions:
- must I replace the tank seal gasket each time or is it reusable? It looks fine and this is the first time the unit has been opened.

- best source for replacement mixer motor 32-102aw (12 volt)? Lots of ads but am unsure of the suppliers shown as search results.

- Raritan video says to cover the mixer motor mounting screws with "silicone" but the factory sealant looks like 3M 4200? What is the best sealant for these?
Cover gasket is reusable. I cannot answer on the sealing. If you had 24V I could sent you a motor for free.
I suggest you ask Raritan for the answers to all these questions. As for where to buy, ask them for the names of their "servicing dealers" near you. You'll be certain of getting a genuine Raritan replacement part, not a knock-off.

Calling Raritan is the quickest way to get the answers...a trained tech answers calls for tech support. 800-352-5630

Thanks for the replies. I found the answer on the last page of the owners manual: "we recommend 3M 4000 adhesive sealant for the motor mounting screws."
Had those units for years. Quite a service headache between mixing motors, pumps and the electrode plate.

New seals or they will seep . 4200 on the screws liberally.
Tend to disagree that the newer units (last 10 years) are a headache versus the convenience they can deliver. Then again I am not adverse to working on sanitation issues.

I reused the gasket after several times the unit was opened with no leaks...but the critical issue there may be if the unit is the highest or lowest component in the system and that determines the pressure in the system.
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I have been using an electro scan daily for several years.

The only issue I've had is the electrode plate which is a maintenance item. i get a couple years out of one, and always keep a spare.

The gasket is re-sealable
We always go directly to Raritan for replacement parts as they have a one-year warranty no questions ask.
I have used several sources as Raritan was out of stock for quite awile and others had inventory. They had Raritan packaging and were less expensive. Last source was Hodges Marine.

When ya gotta go.........
I usually keep a spare unit available. When it "craps out" i send it to Raritan for R&R. They usualy last 3 yrs of 3 season use in the Sea of Cortez. For best results I manually add salt to each flush. I usually get extended use by soaking overnight with plumbers acid.

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