East Rockaway Inlet

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Oct 17, 2013
Looking toward summer and possible launch in Sandy Hook Bay (NJ). From there east to south coast of Long Island via East Rockaway Inlet. Conflicting reports about safety of navigating Inlet. Does anyone have first-hand East Rockaway Inlet experience to share?
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I used East Rockaway inlet a few times last year with no issues, same goes for Fire Island inlet. I use Jones inlet all the time with no problems. Just follow the markers. The only inlet on the south shore I have never used is Moriches inlet. Based on conversations and stories I personally would avoid that one, however both the inlet and state channel were dredged not long ago so perhaps it is more user friendly now. Once inside any of the inlets mind the channel and your depth gauge, they don’t calm the Great South Bay a “sandbox” for no reason. :facepalm:
Thanks, Kevin. Did you enter on an incoming tide, or was that a non-issue?
For me I would say a non-issue. I have never worried about coming or going at specific tide.
My pleasure, if you need any other info just shout.
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