Thoughts on cruising Portland Canal?

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Jan 1, 2016
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Has anyone here been up Portland Canal to Stewart/Hyder?

We are starting to make plans for this summer's cruise. One option is to go back up to Glacier Bay, but we are also considering staying in BC waters and exploring some of the more out of the way places. Portland Canal, Dean Channel, South Bentick Arm, for example.

However, I often find inlet travel long and boring. Some inlets, on the other hand, (Knight, Bute, Gardner) can be spectacular. We are wondering if Portland Canal is worth the trek, scenery wise.

Any other suggestions for scenic stretches would be welcome.

As background, we have cruised the BC coast for a few years and are familiar with the main routes. Also, we have been around Vancouver Island a few times, and in 2022 we circumnavigated Moresby Is. We're bound to go back up to Glacier Bay at some point, just not sure if this is the year.

(I originally posted this in Cruising and Events -West Coast, but am re-posting here due to lack of response....)

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