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Aug 27, 2017
United States
Hey All!

Introductions. Arg. Ok, here goes. I'm a dreamer. And I've been dreaming about getting back on the water for a long, long time. I'm jealous of each and every one of you sitting on a boat right now.

I come by this jealousy honestly. I grew up on, or near the water. My youth was spent sailing a Sunfish in the caribbean sea before moving onto bigger and "better" things. But then the real world hit, and I moved further and further inland on the North American continent... I never gave up hope of getting back on the water, but for a while there, it all but seemed hopeless.

Alas, I believe the stars have aligned. I anticipate moving to the Florida coast in about a year, and life has found me along with the family having summers off to enjoy boating again! WOOT!

I've got a great deal to learn and relearn. My plan is to buy a small center console to get my sea legs back until we settle into our new digs, and then get ourselves a full displacement hull to putt around with during the summer until that day when retirement hits and the horizons become limitless.

I look forward to all your input. Thanks for the add. Any input as to how to reintroduce me to boating is welcome.

Welcome Dreamer.

There are lots of TFers who either are in FL or have lots of experience there.
Which Florida coast and where on that coast?
Welcome Dreamer.

Dreams are what starts the ball rolling to reality Mate.


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