CHB gasthering at Oak Harbor WA in September

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Phil Fill

Oct 11, 2007
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Roughwater 58 pilot house
I saw on the Everett, WA bulletin board there is going to be a CHB gathering in September at Oak, HarborWA.* The 58 ft RoughWater where build in the CHB yard, so we are a cousin of the CHB.* I took on of the little paper notes but I washed the jeans it was in.* September is usually our cruising month as school has started so marinas are not so busy.

Does anybody have information about this gathering?* I would say rondivue but I dont know how to spell it.* )-;
I joined the CHB group.* Many of the topics are the same as most of the other boat sites, except it's hard to follow as is a long list/string of messages and not otrgianzied under a topic.*

Anyway it's*at Port Orchard the second week end in September.**Latter I will post the person to contact to make reservations.* Turns out*one of*the site owners moores in Everett.*

It's a pretty good group that goes there. I was there last year when it was the 3rd weekend in Sept. I will be watching planes go round in circles in Reno on the 2nd weekend in Sept. About 15 boats showed up in 07. Several folks with a lot of CHB experience. Geri Bachman and her husband typically put on the event. They are refurbing a 45'? CHB. If you want to hear about hating teak decks and the pain of taking them up he has some stories.

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