Charles Industries Chargers

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I honestly have nothing worthy to add. But, my fiance works at a yacht service company and right there in a crate was a CHarles Industry transformer/charger.....I had never heard of them until yesterday...and now today. I will ask her boss what the hype is about them. They generally work on higher end stuff.
Practical Sailor had a great test of chargers , if thats what you need.

For most folks that cruise (the M&M are different) purchasing a smart stand alone charger doesnt make a lot of sense at $200 to $300.

An inverter is useful on most boats , and since the guts are basically the same, an inverter with charger might be less expensive than 2 units.

If I were cruising an out of the way place , south to Panama , I would go with 2 units tho.

Thanks, John,
BTW I am just "up the street" in Grapevine, TX.

Looking forward to what you find out.
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