ChargeMaster Plus 12/35-3

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Apr 12, 2021
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I like the ChargeMaster Plus 12/35-3. Mastervolt has a decent website which makes it easy to understand their products.

Also, they don't lock each bank to a set amp charge rate. The charger will give a bank the full 35 amps if the other banks are topped up.

I have read their owner's manual for the ChargeMaster Plus 12/35-3. Unless I missed it, it seems that each bank must be charged with the same settings.

All batteries are charged with the same settings. See section 3.6 for connections.

Does this mean I can't mix flooded and LFP banks with each bank having a unique charge profile.

It also specifies the size of the battery banks.

Battery bank size 140-350 Ah

My house bank will be 406Ah. I have another 200+ Ah in the starting bank so it will be fine as one of the banks.

Input from ChargeMaster owners will be appreciated.

I've decided that this charger is overkill for my needs.

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