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Oct 16, 2021
Vessel Name
Lady Rebel
Vessel Make
CHB 34’ tri-cabin
Hello everyone,
Lady Rebel is going topless today. The old canvas is being removed today,all the old SS tubing. We will be building a wood frame to support the new light weight hardtop,built by Finco in Santa Ana Ca.
The size will 14’x 8.5’ at a weight of 200#.
I was disappointed with the price of Canvus so we decided to go all in.
I will have pics to follow.
We are on gang way 16 slip 43 .
Stop by and take a look at the progress.

Lady Rebel
CHB 34
Welcome to TF. Sounds like a plan. Is this a hard-top bimini you are doing, or the aft cockpit covering..? From the dimensions, it suggests a cover for the aft area. Is your CHB34 a sedan or Europa style, or aft cabin type..?
Welcome aboard. We will need photos when you get it on.
Canvas to lightweight flberglass to

Good morning,
Our CHB is a1983 tri-cabin
We are installing the new hard cover on the fly bridge
About 14’x8.5’

We installed a hatch cover for cleaning
Overall thickness about 1 1/2”
It has an arch for strength

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