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Nov 16, 2009
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Ocean Alexander Europa 40
So to all you KK-42 out there.

What is the stock bridge clearance for a KK-42 with the mast lowered?

I did search this thread first but either it's not been asked here before or my search skills suck (likely)

This is in regards to looping a 42. Our search for the next boat has us starting to focus on KK-42 and Hatteras 48LRC boats as reasonable options for a boat that isnt a Nordhavn which is still a possibility but a costly one.
We’ve seen 3 KK-42’s so far on the loop. They all took the Cal-Sag route through Chicago.

A KK 52 that we ran into multiple times just crossed her wake in FL.

You’ll do fine with either of these boats.

Alan & Darina on Sea Moose
Lying Orange Beach, AL
3,000 nm to go :)
You Tube: The Adventures of Yorksie and Me
Our kk42-016 is 15' at the top of the flybridge. Thats our lowest air draft with mast and Bimini down. Of course water and fuel levels can make a few inches difference. I also narrowed our search to the Hatteras 48 lrc and the KK42. I wasn't interested in the Hatteras 42 lrc. But I believe they only made 50 Hatteras 48 lrc so the KK42 had more available to choose from.
We[re good for 33 feet unless making use of the tabernacle.


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Hollywood- We're doing the same search you are. KK42 vs 48LRC. Two LRCs we're looking at have fixed flybridge biminis and exceed the height. All the KK42s we've looked at (online or in person) all had the ability to drop mast and easily were great loop capable. Curious to learn (either by different thread or PM) your pros/cons comparisons between the two boats. We hope to be in our floating home this spring and always welcome insights of others in considering our boat. Thanks- Mark
Our KK 42, Jubilee, is 14' 10" to the top of the spot light (close to the top of the fly bridge) with the mast, both antennas and the bimini lowered.
Our KK42 is set up with paravanes as you can see. The vertical poles are 20 feet long, in the upright position they are the same height as the mast. For safety purposes and with a small amount of height added for safety I would say that out height is 24 feet!


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Bridge clearences

IF I were you, I'd buy the boat you like and would be comfortable in.

Multiple KK42 could have different bridge clearances due to a number of factors and as was mentioned you can go different routes to get around some bridge clearances,

Champlain Canal, we are on our 8yr Loop, you will need 17' or less to take that. The western Erie Canal, if you want to do that will have you down to 15'5".

Finally, whichever boat you decide on, measure it yourself. We took it in segments, waterline to gunnels to bridge top to radar on the arch. It's pretty close and we measure 17' which gets us under most bridges. That is with the VHF antenna dropped which is easy on our boat.

Trawlers with mast generally need to drop the mast for the trip. Generally, not a big deal.

To me it seems we buy boats like we find women. When you find one with the looks we like, that is usually where we make our move.

Good luck with the search.

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